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Since 2006, Immo Portugal is specialized in offering newly built – real estate in Portugal and giving professional advice in the search for a house, apartment, holiday home, villa or terrain in Portugal.

IMMO PORTUGAL concentrates on offering real estate in developing regions where today real estate can still be purchased at low prices or yield a high return on investment.

IMMO PORTUGAL assists you in your search for a suitable house or second residence in the beautiful country of Portugal.
We are convinced that the time you spend in Portugal is quality time and this preferably in the villa or apartment of your dreams.
In Portugal, you might realize the dream which in other countries has not been affordable anymore for a long time. On top of that, you have the sun as an extra feature.

IMMO PORTUGAL mainly concentrates on being the intermediary for the purchase and development of your real estate in Portugal, Silver Coast.
For these and all legal & fiscal matters, we assist you together with specialized lawyers and accountants during the whole purchase process.

IMMO PORTUGAL gives great importance to a good service and full support during the entire purchase process.

We have an After Sales Team avaiblable to assist our clients from A to Z to buy your holiday house or investment without worries. 

We also have recommended partners for Furnishing, Property Management and Rentals.

We hope to meet you real soon!

Portugal Enjoy the low prices now!

In view of the top locations of the different projects, we not only concentrate on people looking for a second residence, but also on investors who want to invest in a solid investment and splendid holidays.

At the moment, our attention is focused on the Silver Coast.


  • Portugal Silver Coast

    The Silver Coast in Portugal is more and more known as interesting investment area.

    The Silver Coast, also called Costa de Prata , is known as one of the most interesting growth regions at this time. This region was previously declared as one of the best regions to invest by Channel 4.

    This region is ideal for people who do not like mass tourism but also do not want to be too isolated and too far away from everything.
    Here you can find a combination of real pristine beaches as well as more tourist beaches.
    This region is also famous for its cultural cities recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage.
    Surfers and golfers also have a lot of possibilities here to practice their sport.

    But especially real estate prices are still interesting in this area.
    An apartment within walking distance of the beach, you can still find easily here around € 120,000 depending on the size and a villa with private swimming pool for € 200,000

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